Saturday, April 23, 2016

G'Night Sweet Prince...

April 21, 2016, the day Prince made his exit, or, at least, the day I found out about it. Must have just gotten offline when it was announced because there was nothing on Twitter about him-just Chyna from the WWE, Rest in Peace both. Is it just me or does this feel a bit like Farrah and Michael's departure? What the heck is going on?

Came home and played all of the Prince songs that were on the flash drive, ending with Purple Rain, naturally.
Then silence for all who've transitioned. All of the ones whose names we'll never know. Rest in Peace.
Just finished a book on Steve Jobs that painted a more human picture of the man called Being Steve Jobs, written by a journalist/friend, Brent Schendler. Reading about how all of the Apple products came about made me crave a Macbook Pro even more than usual. I miss creating with Garage Band and Final Cut Pro and not having things crash at the most crucial moment or have my words wind up in the middle of a previous paragraph while I'm typing.

Learning new thngs about Steve Jobs reminded me of a talk that the late Dr. Wayne Dyer gave that chracterized Jobs as one who was sure of his destiny right from the start, was driven to succeed, and was misunderstood. He also had very spiritual things to say about him and about Michael Jackson as well and that he was a kind and gentle man who wouldn't hurt a flea. Wow! All of these geniuses have "left the building" making more room for the ones to come. The circle of life. Awesome!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Two Days of Late-Day Sunshine

Yesterday, for the first time, we got to sit outside on the little porch. So liberating. Not until the wind starting to pick up did we have to cover up or, in my case, go get a cup of hot tea. Eventually, I went inside. My knee doesn't like the cold. Tommie Copper does his best to shore me up, but most of the time I don't need him while I'm walking. Slowly, but surely, I'm getting back to my normal level of walking. That's usually when I hear the arrangements for my new songs. I'll be glad when music and poker are the only things I have to focus on until my class in July.

I've had 2 songs rejected so far at Pond 5, where I'm trying to add to my digital content offerings. So far I have 5 video clips for sale there and haven't had a proper video camera in years.  Contemplating going to one of the crowdfunding sites to plead my case. I have at least 2 projects that are written and one that I've started but am not sure I can finish any time soon. 

Much keyboard practicing is in order. I started listening to the top selling music tracks so am getting a better idea about what I should be producing. Terry Gardner preaches "Sell Them What They're Buying." So, if that's the formula I owe it to myself to get the technical act of playing under control- expand my skill set. Rejection just makes you try harder, learn more and believe stronger. We've got this!

Still don't know what happened at the library.

3 Days Later...
Spring has arrived. Finally took off winter jacket and turtleneck. Long time coming. Hopefully, that is the order of the next days. Usually around here we go from winter straight to summer. Hoping that this is not the case this year. It usually doesn't stay consistently warm enough to plant until May. We'll see...

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Business Before Pleasure and Staying Ahead of the Game

So today I've made up my mind to focus on playing poker. It's been so long since I've done an all day thing. Funny thing is I just realized that Empire is back on and so instead got sort of caught up. No tv at home-too distracting so do my binge watching on line. We'll get to the poker. No cash games until about 1:00 so technically I'm not cheating.

Next day: Didn't end up playing and won't today. Going over the specs for one of my papers that are due says all info must be from actual books and not the internet. Great! I had to pick a British economist that has been dead for more than 30 years. Brilliant! Research it is then.

Earned my Bitcoins, though before anything else. OMG. Al B. Sure covered the Eagles' Hotel California. I'll be damned!

A Few Days Later:
Trouble in Paradise..Murder and Mayhem TV channel. Trying to ignore it because it's real stories not the fictional things that I like to watch (that are just as full of murder and mayhem). Was just finished with the work I had to submit in Macroeconomics class and checking my email when, all of a sudden, the lights started flashing and the PA system cranked out a directive for everyone to leave the building. Okay. Fine. Luckily, I was on the battery and not all plugged in so, exit was swiftly executed-except for the folks in the front of the line who had to go down them 2 by 2, holding up the long, growing line that formed behind them.

Sitting on top of the of one of Worcester's seven Hills on the east side of town. View from here shows the sun has come out after a day of rain. Another day of rain, but that's what April does. So...a quick "Thank You" to the universe for the change in the atmosphere. Again. My morning walks have been amazingly clear of precipitation on a continual basis.
Talk about friends in high places. At any rate I'll be glad when it actually starts acting like Spring and I can take off this ski jacket. The one good thing about it is that it's light-weight and wind resistant. the wind just never stops blowing in certain places-especially downtown and in the Hub (where you catch the city buses). Standing in the sun isn't much better.