Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Semester's Almost Over.....

I never thought that taking classes online could be so exhausting. The one premium benefit is that I won't have to be waiting out in the freezing cold for a bus that is ALWAYS late. Winters here border on Siberian temperatures and the snow build up on the sidewalks don't leave you any options, but to take to the streets. Steep hills and erratic drivers makes venturing out on foot a suicide mission.

At any rate, although I get lazy sometimes and don't do a damn thing all day, I stay a little ahead on the classes and complete my assignment ahead of time-mostly.

This last time I waited until the day of to tackle a project. Never again! Had an hour to spare by the time I was finished but know that I could've done better had I jumped on it earlier. Lesson learned.

I did get to watch a couple of films during my "lazy" days. One was a celebration of Ghanian "High Life" music, which was phenomenal. The second was an autobiographical piece on one of Chicago's living R&B legends, Andre Williams of "Shake-a-Tail Feather" fame, made back in 2008. The guy was colorful and pulled no punches about anything.

There was a third film, I think, but can't remember it so I must not have been impressed. On Demand allows me to get caught up on the t.v. that I'm not watching regularly. I really like "How to get Away with Murder". Viola Davis is totally believable in anything she plays and I'm sure this role was written for her, she's killing it and should win an emmy.

Gotham with Jada Pinkett-Smith is another program that I love for its dark, comedic, graphic novel take on young Batman. Way more gritty than the Superman pre-story, Smallville.

Rookie Blue is still great as a story, but I miss Lyriq Bent as the Staff Sergeant. I hope he's working on great projects. He seems to pop up on the best things. I first saw him in Sofia Coppola's mini series about the rap industry entitled Platinum. He played the husband of an up-and-coming singer.

Anyway, Just checking in so you know I'm still kicking.
'til next time...

Monday, September 1, 2014

Long Time No Write

It is almost September and I've been getting ready for school so haven't had the chance to watch any cool movies or get caught up on my Hulu programs, or even play that much poker (for money). 

Going back to school is no joke and I do take my studies seriously. Lots of math classes, which have not always been my strong suit. Fortunately I came across a book that is teaching me all of the basic things that I never learned because of inattentive or uncaring teachers. I am proud to say that I now know that I am great at math and looking forward to all that may come my way.

As always I believe that one can accomplish anything that is truly desired as long as one puts in the effort.
That being said I'm going to finish a chapter in my management book and then start on the Algebra.

Monday, July 14, 2014

No Time to Blog and Nothing to Say

That pretty much sums it up. this Summer, so far has been about finding offline employment and getting ready for school in the fall. Turns out that my classes are going to be online so I'm scurrying around trying to make enough money to buy an up-to-date computer or tablet.

I'm winning at the poker tables, but this machine is so old that it can't stand up to the humidity and has to be shut down frequently so not conducive to playing in tournaments that take up to 4 hours to be in the number 1 spot. Other than that life is pretty boring. Haven't even had the time to watch new shows or movies to review. Can't be helped. Such is life.

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer and are making a profit at things they love doing.